Top Ideas on Wedding Sticks of Rocks

Top Ideas on Wedding Sticks of Rocks

Wedding Ideas and Wedding Favours

As you say your vows and I Do’s, wedding rock sticks can certainly add a sweet touch to the joyous experience of your union. These affordable yet memorable souvenirs can leave a tasteful, lasting memory to your guests. Here are some ideas you can try in choosing your wedding rock sweets:

Motif Wedding Rock Stick Favours

No matter how simple or extra detailed your celebration will be, make sure your candied wedding favours are similarly coloured to the motif of your design. If you’re having pink, purple or yellow to flatter the bride’s beauty, there’s no reason why the candied keepsakes will not be coloured in the same way. Naturally they must be wrapped accordingly, in reference to the wedding and reception’s overall theme.

Tiny Sliced or in Long Sticks?

Long sticks are much easier to organise and hand out while tiny sliced wedding rock sweet favours are more affordable. You may save more with the latter especially if you’re having a lot of guests for your special day.

However, you may also use tiny sliced rock sticks as accents to another favour ensemble you might have in mind. The sticks may be used as cocktail ingredients poured into a mason jar, which your guests can take home.

Wedding Sticks of Rock in Cookie Jars

Another idea you can consider is to place your Wedding Rock Sticks in cookie jars. This favour set will serve as a delightful, constant reminder of how much fun your guests had during the wedding reception. Should they use the jar for actual cookie storing, they can also be reminded of you as a couple whenever they grab their tasty treats at home.  

Your guests also the option to not take things too literally as they use your favours in their houses or even offices. The jars filled with Wedding Rock Sweets can be used as decorative flower vases, pencil holders or trinket organisers.

Mini Wedding Rock Stick Favours in Tin Cans

These cans may also be used as sweet keepers. Should the rock sticks run out in the tins, the guests may place a fresh batch of sweets for them to nibble on any time.

They probably would not have the heart to instantly throw away the tins, especially if the guests who will receive the favours are your closest friends. This is why you’ll need to make sure the tin cans will be made of sturdy materials. You can also leave some space for your guests to write on the stickers. This way, they can further personalise your favours. Fill out the blanks like this one should work just fine: “Days of splendid forever are best spent with ............”

 These are just few of the ideas you can consider for your upcoming wedding. The most important part is you must have fun in the process of choosing what you want.