Rock Sweets for Valentine’s Day

Rock Sweets for Valentine’s Day

Confectionery for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few months away and what better way of showing your love to your partner and your loved ones than giving them a personalised rock sweets and rock sticks.  It’s simple yet meaningful and will definitely be highly appreciated.  We specialise in manufacturing Valentines Rock Sweets, Valentines Sticks of Rock, I Love You Rock Sweets, Wedding Rock Sweets, and Wedding Rock Sticks.

Wedding Rock Sticks and Wedding Rock Sweets

For the day of your wedding, we offer a huge collection of customised wedding rock sticks and wedding rock sweets. Treat your visitors to some of our beautiful customised wedding rock sweets and make your momentous occasion super fabulous.

Our wedding rock sticks will sit flawlessly all through your wedding gathering. It is normal that when picking a wedding rock stick, it should complement your wedding shading theme or style. Some couples choose one of our conventional outlines, where as others are somewhat more courageous and go for a customised wedding rock stick.

With regards to customised wedding rock sticks, you don't need to visit the store personally for these wonderful sticks of rock, for the simple reason that we offer it right here, online! With our dazzling wedding rock, you'll discover new ways that will make your wedding an extraordinary day.


Valentines Rock Sweets and Valentines Sticks of Rock

The Valentine rock sweet is made by making use of granulated sugar, water, and glucose syrup, which is combined in a huge copper container containing an adequate amount of water to break down the sugar.  The mixture will be then warmed to roughly 300 degrees. If insufficient water is utilised this will result to a burnt sugar and there is a high possibility that the rock candy will be too syrupy.  After the mixture achieves the right temperature, it’s then tilted onto a cooling table, which will form a clear mixture. Food colourings may be incorporated for the creation personalised designs and lettering.

Surprise your loved ones this Valentine season by ordering your jar of Valentines rock sweet.  The special messages and design of our rock sweets and Valentines sticks of rock will create a memorable valentine day for you and your partner.  We can also provide you with the “I love you Rock sweets.”

Creating Valentines Rock Sweets, Valentines Sticks of Rock, I Love You Rock Sweets, Wedding Rock Sweets, and Wedding Rock Sticks requires the hand of the expert in order to create high-quality rock sweets.  We use the latest manufacturing tools and equipments that are available in the industry of confectioners.  We are certain that we will be able to meet the clients demand at the perfect time and within their budget.  We make sure that our client will get the best value out of their hard-earned money.