Rock Sweets: Special, Personalised, and Sweet

Rock Sweets: Special, Personalised, and Sweet

Rock sweets are amazing gifts that people often overlook. Unlike conventional candies, rock sweets come in individual packages or sticks that are designed with logos, names, personalised messages, and more. They are usually found in parties and celebrations as giveaways to commemorate celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings, among others. The Rock Sweet Company is a firm that utilises top-notch equipment to carve messages into these beautiful giveaways to make events even more memorable.


Rock Sweet Products 

There are so many different kinds of personalised rock sweets. There are many kinds offered by the Rock Sweet Company — We supply the traditional and mini rock sweets, and the rock sweet sticks. Traditional rock sweets are personalised candies that can contain up 15 to 30 capital or lower case lettering per candy. They can be adorned with logos, pictures, names, and more. The mini rock sweets are the smaller counterpart of the traditional brothers. Rock sweet sticks resemble the straight end of a candy cane and can also have the same design as the traditional and mini rock sweets.


Other kinds of personalised rock sweets are the ones made specifically for special occasions — namely Wedding Rocks, Happy Birthday Rock Sweets, Christmas Rock Sweets, and Thank You Rock Sweets. Each of these candies has specific designs that customers need only choose from. They are cute and very delicately made so as to capture the essence of the entire message. They can be used as giveaways, gifts, and campaign objects, among others.


The personalised rock sweets can be presented as individually wrapped sweets or as candies in jars of different sizes. Packaging can come in the form of hexagonal jars which can hold up to 22 candies each, conference jars, which can hold up to 35 candies each, 1-litre preserve jars, which can hold up to 90 candies each, and 2 litres preserve jars, which can hold up to 180 candies each. Additionally, they can also be packaged in travel-friendly tins and small packets. These candies are available in over 30 different flavours — peppermint, spearmint, strawberry, caramel, butterscotch, aniseed, and tropical fruit flavours, among others.


The Rock Sweet Company has been in the confectionery industry for over 20 years; they have been providing nothing but the best for their customers through amazing designs, flavours, and packages. Rock sweets are amazing candies that can send messages an array of messages — from simple “happy birthdays” to campaign messages, rock sweets are good tools that get the message across in a creative and colourful way. Looking for the perfect rock sweets to commemorate a special event may be hard, but the beautiful messages and memorable giveaways will be worth it. Not to mention, rock sweets taste amazing.