Celebrate this summer with our branded personalised sticks of rock and rock sweets

Celebrate this summer with our branded personalised sticks of rock and rock sweets


Rock Sticks and Sweets for the Summer

Two of the most enjoyable summer treats are branded rock sticks and personalized rock sweets. These delicious little treats are wonderful because they last for longer than a few bites of chocolate would, and they don’t melt.  They are great if you have any kind of summer event, or even just for fun.  The Rock Sweet Company produces branded rock sticks and branded rock sweets.

Why would you want personalized rock sweets, though? Or even personalized rock sticks?  They can be used for a lot of fun events.  Here are some of the best ways to use rock sticks and rock sweets that have been personalized.

Wedding Rock Sticks

Summer is well known to be the time for weddings and at weddings, you are supposed to have a lot of food, and treats. Wedding rock sticks are great for wedding treats.  They can have the bride and groom's name on them and the date.  You could also have fun little messages to all of your guests.  The possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure, your guests will love it.

Another great way to use wedding rock sticks is as place markers. You can put guest’s names on the wedding rock sticks and set them at their tables. That way people find not only their seat at the table but a little treat waiting for them.  It is also a unique and fun idea.

Promotional Rock Sticks and Sweets

Companies often have candy bowls at their front desk. During the summer, it isn’t practical to keep anything like chocolate in these bowls because it will melt.  Even if your office is air conditioned, when someone takes it out of the office it will melt.  Promotional rock sticks and promotional rock sweets won’t melt.  That means that they are perfect for this use.  You can also print company branding and use company colours on these delicious treats.  That way they help remind people of your company.

A major industry to have promotional rock sticks in is the restaurant world. Restaurants have bowls of candy or minds at the door and you could spice up your location by having promotional rock sweets.  These can have your company name on it but what works amazingly is if you add a little message on it, similar to what a fortune cookie would have.  That way you can make your customers smile too.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Picnics with Branded Rock Sweets

Summer is the time for eating outside with friends, family, and co-workers. Whether you are eating with family, friends or co-workers branded rock sweets and branded rock sticks can help you enjoy your get together.  You can print sayings on them, the date of the event, people’s names, whatever you want.  They are fun and make a great treat for any occasion.

You might be wondering what can be customized on rock sticks and rock sweets. The best place to start is by choosing the flavour.  The Rock Sweet Company offers over 25 different flavours from the standard strawberry or watermelon to rhubarb and custard. 

Next, you can choose the colours of your lettering. There are two colours for your text max.  For your text, you can have 15 capital letters.  Then you can pick your outside rock colours, up to six of them will wrap around the stick.  There are over 20 different colours to choose from.  You can also then choose which of the colours you want your text to be. 

You can also choose branded rock sticks and branded rock sweets that bare your logo. These are separate items from the standard options.  Look at our listed options to find the ones that are right for you.

If personalized rock sweets aren’t your favourite snack yet, they will be when you order them from The Rock Sweet Company. Rock sweets can be purchased in a variety of sizes with a handful of designs that will fit just about any occasion you can think.  Customize rock sticks and rock sweets to your heart’s desire and enjoy the summer with personalized treats.