Sweets for Conferences and Exhibitions

Sweets for Conferences and Exhibitions

Rock Sticks and Sweets for Conferences and Exhibitions

Conferences and exhibitions are great ways to get word about your business or charity around. There are a lot of other professionals around.  Many people do this with business cards but business cards get put in someone’s pocket and get forgotten.  You need to find ways to make your name and your business’s name really stand out.

Here are some of the ways to make your business really stand out.

Setting up a table at convention, conference, or exhibition is a great way to be noticed. The table alone won't get you the attention that you want, though.  A table will only go so far.  You need stuff on that table to pass out.  Promotional rock sweets and promotional rock sticks are great options for things to hand out.  This is because they have your brand on them and they will be noticed.  Everyone likes candy.

Another great option for these business outings is to take a selection of your business cards and tape branded rock sweets or branded rock sticks to them. This allows you to have unique business cards to anyone you meet while you are out and about. 

In much the same way that you would give rock candies out with your business cards, you can give them out to people without anything else. These work as great advertisements.  If you go out to dinner with people from the conference you can offer everyone a treat after they are done eating.  People will thank you.

Almost every conference and exhibition has a goodie bag that people get when they sign up. Talk to the people who put together the event and see if you can get some of your promotional rock sticks and promotional rock sweets put in the goodie bags.  A couple of personalized rock sweets and a couple of personalized rock sticks per bag will work.

A good rule to keep in mind when you are handing out personalized rock sweets or personalized rock sticks is to not be pushy with the treats. You don’t want people to think that you are desperate or that you are forcing the treats on them.  If someone says no don’t keep trying. 

Because rock sticks and rock sweets are something that people are going to be putting in their mouth you don’t want to store them in a dirty pocket. Keep them in your bag, preferably in a pocket that has nothing else in it.  If you don’t carry a bag around with you, you can place them in a shirt or coat pocket.    Do your best not to get anything stuck to the wrappers.

The options for designing your rock sticks and rock sweets are nearly limitless. At the Rock Sweet Company, there are many options to choose from.  You can place up to 15 characters of text can be placed on the open side of the candy.  You can also place a logo on that side if you want.  This doesn't give you a lot of space to place text, though.  That is why you can have a wrapper with printed content on it inside the plastic wrapper.

The colours that you choose for your rock sticks and rock sweets are great. There are over 20 different options.  That doesn't mean that you should pick colours randomly.  Make your treats branded rock sweets and branded rock sticks.  They should follow the colours and design of your company as it helps to instill the memory of the company. 

If you want to have a selection of treats for everyone, you can get your promotional rock sticks and promotional rock sweets in a wide variety of flavours. Various mint flavours are the standard but you can also find other flavours like rhubarb.

Your rock sticks and sweets will set you out above all of the other companies and businesses at any conference, exhibition, or convention that you go to. Unique advertising methods are some of the best at getting attention because they are things that people are likely to notice.  Besides wedding rock sticks, The Rock Sweet Company can also help you get the treats that you need to make a difference in the advertising world.