Wedding Rock Sweets

Wedding Rock Sweets

Wedding Rock

Rock Sticks and Sweets for Weddings

Weddings happen around the year but no matter when they happen they all are a special event for everyone involved. It isn’t every day that you get to marry your other half.  It also isn’t every day that you get to share a part in that interaction.  One of the best ways to commemorate your special day and to entertain your guests is to have rock sticks and rock sweets.

Wedding rock sticks and sweets can be used in a variety of ways. Each one of these is unique and can make your wedding something different.  Here are some of the ways that you can use promotional rock sweets or promotional rock sticks in a non-promotional manner to make your wedding amazing.

One great way to celebrate your wedding day is to have personalised rock sweets that have your family name on them. This can be on the wrapper or on the candy itself.  Better yet, you can put your family name on both.  Use your favourite colours for your text so that they are a representation of yourself.  Each rock stick can have up to six different colours on the main part.  These colours swirl around the sticks.  You can also have the letters be a different colour. 

Another great way to use branded rock sticks and branded rock sweets is as table markers. You can have your friends and family’s names written on them so that they know where they are supposed to sit.  They work as great place markers.  It works best if you place multiple of them at each seat because while wedding rock sticks may last a bit, they will go fast enough because everyone loves them.

Everyone can use a great treat after a big dinner. Place some of your favourite personalized rock sweets or personalized rock sticks at every table for people to grab after dinner.  They work as both a snack and a mouth freshener.  You can get rock sticks and rock sweets in a wide variety of flavours that will be perfect for anyone. 

Sweets and treats like personalized rock sweets and personalized rock sticks are great for wedding gift bags. Not everyone uses gift bags at their weddings but those that do tend to have a hard time finding the right thing to add to these bags.  Rock sticks and rock sweets can be customized to display the date of your wedding, you name, and more.  Place a handful in each goodie bag to say thank you in a tasty way.

Treats and sweets are also a great way to keep the kids at the wedding entertained. If you give a kid a rock stick they will be sucking on it for a while.  Having personalized rock sticks will not only add a level of fanciness to your wedding but entertain the kids too.  It is always good to give them something to keep them quiet.  Not only will you appreciate it but the kids and their parents will too.

When it comes to choosing the colours for your wedding rock sticks or sweets you have a lot of choices. There are over 20 choices of colours from the Rock Sweet Company.  A good way to choose your colours is to think about your wedding colours and use those.  There may not be exact matches but there will be ones close enough to make the candy match your wedding.

Whatever use you find for rock sweets and rock sticks at your wedding you can’t forget to save a bunch for yourself. You will want some to help you remember the wedding.  Each little treat will serve as a reminder of the big day.  Plus during your special day you probably won’t have enough time to enjoy them for yourself.

Wedding rock sticks and sweets are great for both summer and winter. No matter when your special event happens you and your guests will appreciate the treats.  In the winter, they won't freeze and in the summer the treats won't melt.  Have a unique and special wedding treat that is personalized to fit in your wedding.  The Rock Sweet Company can help you get what you need for the big day.