St. Patrick’s Day Rock Sweets

St. Patrick’s Day Rock Sweets

St. Patrick’s Day Rock Sweets and Rock Sticks

St. Patricks Day is being celebrated by different nations all over the world.  A parade is being held in Ireland, Canada, Quebec, Great Britain and others with most of them wearing green while ornamented with a three-leaf shamrock.  If you want to stand out in the parade, you may want to bring green rock sticks or rock lollies with you adorned with a shamrock.  There are also other things that make the personalised Rock Sweets, Rock Sticks and Rock Lollies perfect this St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are some of them: 

Personalised your candy sweet 

Customised Rock Sweets, Rock Sticks and Rock Lollies are one of a kind item to create the theme for your business or a sweet that can supplement a unique occasion, for example, St. Patrick's Day; and the theme name is St. Patrick’s Day. You can pick the wording through the focal point of sticks and sweets, the external shading as well as the flavour. You can also personalise the colours on the labels that will be applied to make it suitable for St. Patrick's Day.

Rock Lettering 

Lettering is shaped on the focal point of the rock sticks or rock sweets in a customary handcrafted process. To guarantee the clearest conceivable wording, you can ask to create lettering and number in capital.

Rock sticks can incorporate a label that has a maximum of 15 words while the rock sweets can hold as much as 18 characters.  Remember that the space is also considered a character. On the other hand, the wording and lettering is perfect when it is kept straightforward and direct.

Rock Colours: 

The external packaging of your personalised Rock Sweets, Rock Sticks and Rock Lollies can be in one colour or can include up to a maximum 4 coloured strips.

There are a few confinements on the sorts of hues and shades that can be accomplish due to the process of the rock makings.  The process can generally affect the food colourings that are being used on the rock sticks and sweets. Most personalised candy maker will not provide samples as shading a little rock sweet would not produce the exact colour as shading the entire batch. As the rock lollies are being blended by hand, a variety in shades between every bunch is ought to occur.

Rock Flavour: 

Personalised sweets maker have a tremendous scope of flavours that you can choose from.  You can find different flavours that will be suitable for your St. Patrick's Day theme. 


A completely customised label can be incorporated with sticks. You can supply them with a picture or photograph and wording about St. Patrick's Day like the three-leaf shamrock that is associated with the event and they will assemble the mark for you and produce you with proof before proceeding in the printing process.