Rock sweets and rock sticks are handmade products which use no computer aided technology in their manufacturer and therefore there are certain limitations as to what can and what cannot be achieved.

The following guidelines have been put together to help you understand these limitations. It may also be useful to take a look at ‘How Our Rock Sweets Are Made?' on our website.

Lettering in the core of rock

The lettering in the core of rock is made up from strips of toffee and as such it is extremely difficult to replicate logos. We therefore recommend the use of upper case lettering only, with a maximum of 15 characters. It is possible to use more than 15 characters but these become small and less legible. If more than 15 characters are required in rock sweets, the minimum order quantity will be 8,000pcs.

Specific fonts cannot be produced in rock. Again we suggest you take a look at ‘How Our Rock Sweets Are Made?' as this shows the strips of toffee being put into the core of the rock and then pulled into long bars.

It is possible to reproduce some simple logos/shapes such as a heart because it is a simple outline shape. If you have a simple shape, email it to us so we can pass it on to our sugar boilers for their advice. Please also note that the maximum number of characters across the middle of the rock is 6.

Rock Stick and Sweet colours

If you have specific colour requirements for the outer of the stick or sweet, please let us have either a pantone reference or a colour swatch. We will use the pantone reference/swatch to match the colour as closely as possible but cannot guarantee an exact colour match as we are working with food colourings not printing inks in the manufacture of rock. We will endeavour to match as closely as possible using the permitted amounts of food colouring. Please also remember that one persons interpretation of a colour may be different from another's i.e. ‘pink’ could be interpreted as different shades from baby pink to a vibrant fuchsia pink.

Rock Stick labels

The size of the labels for rock sticks is approx 60mm x 40mm. We need you to supply the artwork for the labels as a high resolution jpeg, pdf or eps file. We will then add the ‘legal’ requirements (ingredients and traceability information) and will then send to you for final approval. Once approved the labels are printed and sent to our candy factory.


As rock is a handmade product, it is not practical for us to provide computer generated proofs for the lettering in rock sweets and rock sticks as this would not be fully representative of the final product. If you require a proof this will be supplied (for a small charge) purely for positional purposes only.

Details required when ordering

Along with the delivery details and date required, please supply the following information at the time of order:

  • Colour for outer of rock
  • Lettering for the core of the rock
  • Colour for the lettering (please bear in mind that as the lettering is against a white background a pale colour for the lettering will not be clearly visible
  • Flavour - Our most popular flavours are Peppermint, followed by Mixed Fruit, Strawberry and Spearmint.
  • Full Flavour Range: Peppermint, Orange, Pear, Mixed Fruit, Pineapple, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, Peanut Butter, Lemon, Spearmint, Rhubarb, Vodka, Cider, Black Current, Margarita Pizza, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Sherry Trifle & Beer
  • Rock Sticks are usually supplied twist wrapped at one end or twist wrapped at both ends. If you require a particular twist wrap please advise at the time of order.

Lead times

Generally the lead time for rock sweets is 5 working days and for rock sticks, 10 working days from approval of label artwork. Faster lead times may be possible but there will be a priority order charge payable. Please also note that during the height of the rock season, lead times could be longer.

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